Megan is standing wearing a knitted top, holding yellow yarn and a crochet hook in her hands.


Who am I?

Megan Wilding is a lifelong lover of all things crafty, having started crafting from a very young age and growing up in a very crafty family.

She learnt to knit in childhood, and reconnected with the craft (and crochet!) in adulthood.

Having previously worked for many years within the NHS, a wife and a mum to two lovely children, she understands the pressures of a busy life, but also the importance of fitting time in for yourself as well. This led to Megan starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2021 to follow her passion for Knitting and Crochet.

Megan is a fully qualified Knitting and Crochet technical editor, completing work for a wide range of clients including international yarn companies, magazines and individual designers.

She has a thorough technical understanding of knitting and crochet and loves to empower other people with the tools and know how of how to create beautiful things with yarn!

When not knitting, crocheting or looking at patterns, she can be found down in sunny Devon enjoying the countryside and seaside!